The purpose of my book

My book Dislexia… oh sorry, Dyslexia is a social project aiming to reach as many people as possible. Please download it for free and share it.
I would like to start by explaining to you what this book means to me.
I decided to undertake this project, which now has become much more than a sequence of pages and words, because I realized that I am now more aware of many situations and difficulties.
As a girl with dyslexia, this book has now become like a mirror through which I personally see myself in each one of these kids with SLD (Specific Learning Disabilities) and who I have had the chance to interview and get to know better. The kids I interviewed are between the ages of 12 and 23. They live in different cities, each with a past that is very different from the other.
The purpose of my book is also to show people what it is and what it really means to be dyslexic in a school system that still struggles to accept some kinds of diversity in people.
My goal is not to receive a compassionate, understanding reaction from the reader that expresses itself in,“Oh, you poor thing. You’ve got a really hard life. Dyslexia is a real struggle for you kids.” My ultimate goal is to make clear the kind of people we are, the strength we have inside us, that inner strength that keeps telling us to never give up and the will we have to go on, to show everyone who we really are. In my life I’ve had many obstacles: schools that did not want to accept me because I have dyslexia, not to mention the struggles I still faced after getting into a school, along with other di culties that I came up against because of my dyslexia and that I was able to overcome only with time and hard work.
Now, you’re probably asking yourself what kind of exceptional difficulties could a girl my age – or even younger – have faced. Well, that’s why I decided to collect testimonies and open the door on real-life situations and realities. This is a book about young people who are full of hope, not about kids bummed out and burdened by life. This project is also aimed at letting everyone know what it really means to be SLD in a school system that, I repeat, does not always accept it or maybe just pretends to.
With my book I want to give strength to those of us with dyslexia, once and for all getting rid of the labels we are often given: the slacker, the corner-cutter, the copier. I would simply like to debunk the idea that dyslexia is a disability or illness and highlight the fact that this difficulty affects who we are and our potentialities. Dyslexia is not what defines us; we are the ones who define it by the kind of person we are and by what we want to do in life.
Dear Reader, I hope this helps you to understand just a little more of what I’m trying to get across, and that you will continue to read and also to understand how these kids think and reason.
The same people who I so willingly interviewed and have made sure not to remove even a word from their statements to ensure that their thoughts are presented in the most authentic and complete way.